Teacup Pigs!

Ok so I was watching one of my current favourite shows, How I Met Your Mother, in which Barney bought a Teacup Pig! Anyway I really want one now, they’re soooo CUTE!

Now everyone all together:


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Hello world!

Ok wow, so this is my first official Blog post..  A little about me..

I was born a baby, about 20 years ago. Alot has changed since then as I find myself a little bored with existance. I ‘m just a regular Sydney gal who loves fashion, travel, all kinds of music, blah blah blah, and I work as a receptionist. I guess I’m just looking for another hobby and it was either this or a sport so let’s see how this goes! ha ha…

I’m not exactly sure what i’m supposed to write in this… Perhaps my blog is supposed to have a theme to it or something. I guess for the time being i’ll fill in the rest of this post with a picture of my favourite city in the whole wide world 🙂

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